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We Show Up for Youth

2018 Kids Help Phone Impact Report
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"We are empowering youth at risk in Canada."
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Our texting service went national
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"A record number of youth reached out to us."
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How We Showed Up

As the Chair of the Board, I want to thank you for making such a difference for youth in 2018.

Your support fuels our constant innovation, enabling us to be there when kids really need help and create new ways for them to reach out. Thanks to you, we provide a safe and trusted place for young people – whenever, wherever and however they need it.

The dedication and expertise of our donors and supporters, our staff and volunteers, and our Founding Partners and Board of Directors, have positioned Kids Help Phone as a trusted institution for young people in every city, town, village and community in Canada. Every day, over 1,000 youth reach out to us in times of need. I am so grateful that we always show up for them – always there, anonymously and without judgment.

Thanks to you, Kids Help Phone is more accessible than ever before. Live Chat is now available 24/7, Crisis Text Line powered by Kids Help Phone launched in February 2018 and by November the service was available nationally! Crisis Responders now perform at least four active rescues each day with young people across the country, which can often involve suicidal ideations. Every life saved is a testament to your generosity.

As the need for Kids Help Phone grows greater each and every day, our services must expand, too. Your continued investment in our innovation is the only way we will continue to save young lives. Thank you for collaborating with us by giving your time, donations and trust in our services.

Together, we are profoundly improving the mental health and well-being of young people in Canada. Thank you for showing up for youth.

Charles Brown

Chair, Board of Directors, Kids Help Phone

Our Counsellors Show Up for Youth

Nationwide Impact


Thank You for Showing Up for Youth

We have been a safe and trusted place for young people since 1989. We know that with 8.2 million young people in Canada – almost one quarter of our population – there is more work to be done. The stakes for their future, and for our country, could not be higher.

Our young people need us more than ever. Last year, conversations about suicide increased by close to 30 per cent. Our data gives us incredible insight into issues youth are facing every single day.

As the country’s virtual care expert and provider of youth e-mental health support services, it is vital that we remain relevant and offer support in the way youth want it.

We can and must be there for even more kids in 2019 – and we cannot do it alone.

With committed donors and partners like you, we will continuously create innovative ways of delivering more responsive services to more young people. Investing in youth serves all our interests, and speaks to our collective responsibilities as members of society. We need everyone with a role, responsibility and interest in the outcome onboard.

Warmest Regards,

Katherine Hay

President & CEO, Kids Help Phone

Our Founding Partners

Since 1989, the remarkable generosity of our four Founding Partners – Bell Canada, BMO Bank of Montreal, Nestlé Canada and Parmalat Canada – has enabled us to always be open and provide a safe and trusted place for kids, teens and young adults in Canada – in any moment of crisis or need.

Strengthening youth mental health is a shared priority for our Founding Partners. As true champions of youth mental health and well-being, our Founding Partners embody our values – they are courageous, innovative, trustworthy, collaborative and resilient. Each has a lasting legacy of rallying their employees, clients, customers and communities to support our free, bilingual, proven effective 24/7/365 services for youth.

Thanks to our Founding Partners, Kids Help Phone has pioneered and delivered innovative, life-changing support, information and resources to youth for close to thirty years. Anytime. Anywhere. For any issue.

Together, we have proven that innovation saves lives – and together, we will continue to be there for more young people in every community in Canada.

Thank you to our Founding Partners for being true allies to youth in Canada!